Mode of use

ajustar alicates nivelacion ajulejos colocamas

1st Adjusting Pliers

Adjust the Pliers on the scale according to the thickness of the tile.

colocar calzos sistema nivelacion azulejos colocamas

2nd Placing Clips

Once the cement-glue is extended, we place the first tile at level and we settle it with the mallet.
We introduce the Clips at the ends of the tile, about 5 cm from the edge.
*Considering the size of the tile, it may be necessary to use two leveling bases for each side.
*The recommended quantities are two pieces on each side of the tiles with a distance of approximately 20 cm.

introducir cuñas nivelacion azulejos colocamas

3rd Introducing wedges

The COLOCA adjacent tiles, we will manually insert the Wedges into the Clips previously installed under the tiles.

apretar con alicate nivelacion azulejo colocamas

4th Tightening

Support the Pliers according to image and tightening to the maximum to cast the tiles before solidifying the tail.

macear sistema nivelacion azulejos colocamas

5th Hitting lightly

It is recommended once the tile is made up to the point, hit it lightly to release tensions.

esperar fraguado sistema nivelacion colocamas

6th Wait for drying

Once the surface is finished, let the tail forge the time recommended by the manufacturer.

retirar sistema nivelacion azulejos colocamas

7th Removing system

After the drying time, remove the Clips, hitting them with a hammer or foot in the direction of the joint (do not hit the Wedges). The Clips will always break by the side cuts, below the ceramics.

cuñas no reutilizables sistema nivelacion azulejos colocamas

8th Reusable wedges

Finally recover the Wedges, discard the rest of the Clips and grout.

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