COLOCA+ is a leveling system that facilitates tile placement.

It prevents uneven heights between tile edges.


The Clips are an extremely resistant piece to traction, in order to be able to adjust large weight pieces quickly and effectively. It has side cuts that allow that once the mortar is forged, it can be easily removed with a simple lateral blow in the direction of the joint; always jumping through the mentioned points, which are below the leveled piece.

COLOCA+ leveling Clips are designed to work with ceramic tiles from 2 mm to 13 mm and with 1, 2 and 3 mm spacers.

A Composition of the material used in the manufacture guarantees a minimum resistance of 30 Kg to the tensile stress in different ambient temperatures. It works perfectly in summer and winter temperatures.


The COLOCA+ levelling Wedges fit into the Clips with our Pliers. The saw-shaped teeth of the wedge allow it to fit with the wedge effectively, preventing it from being released during setting.

Due to the flat bottom of the Wedges, it helps to level the surface of the tiles leaving them perfectly level.

The COLOCA+ leveling Wedges are designed to work with short and high leveling Clips.

Minimum tile thickness: 2 mm (when used with short Clips)

Maximum tile thickness: 25 mm (when used with high Clips)

The Wedges are made with a resistant plastic that gives them a long service life.


COLOCA+ leveling Pliers are designed with speed and ease of use in mind.

They offer an ergonomic and comfortable grip that makes the use of the COLOCA+ leveling system fast, simple and effective.

They are characterized by allowing to adjust the scale to the required pressure.

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